Berkley Dex Stunna - 11cm

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69090 Berkley
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The Stunna is the perfect jerkbait for shallow water applications! With a maximum diving depth of 1.8m, this is the perfect bait for perch and zander on shallow plateaus or pike fishing over vegetation.

Maximum darting action and easy 180-degree head turns and side flash when jerked, dual brass weights and a tungsten weight transfer system for increased casting distance, ultra-sharp Fusion19 hooks, the DEX Stunna is a must-have!

The DEX Stunna measures 11cm in length and weighs 14g, with a diving depth between 0.9m-1.8m this is the perfect bait for shallow spots or when the fish are higher up in the water.

This versatile jerkbait has a fall rate of 30cm per 8 seconds. The DEX Stunna delivers a slow sink and shimmy on the pause to entice less-aggressive fish into biting, and crisp darting actions when jerked that'll drive any fish crazy.

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