Daiwa 20 Prorex PE SV TW 100HSL (vänster)

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PROREX PE SV TW 100 is designed for thin braided lines and it's the perfect reel for perch and zander fishing or any other style where thin braids are widely used. Line capacity is optimised for braided lines from 0.10mm to 0.16mm. This reel will take 150m of 0.13mm J-Braid or 130m of 0.16mm J-Braid. In the other words just the amount you need. Other nice feature for thin lines is high speed T-Wing System. Level wind moving faster from side to side prevents "line dig" on a spool.

PROREX PE SV TW 100 impress with lightness. This reel weights only 190g still having solid aluminium body. Body size is 100 but the new body frame is smaller than previous Prorex 100 reels had and it fits to your palm very well.

Still the best feature of this reel is it's casting performance. Thanks to lightweight shallow SV-spool you can use this reel even in a lightest finesse applications and cast lightest lures with ease.

  • High speed T-Wing System (TWS)
  • Aluminium body
  • Magforce Z
  • i-shape handle knobs
  • UTD Drag, max power 5kg
  • Shallow SV spool, material Super Dura Aluminium
  • 7BB (incl. 1CRBB)

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