Daiwa 22 Exist LT 2500 XH G

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Daiwas flaggskepp är fylld med Daiwas senaste teknologiska framsteg. 

Framtiden för Daiwas haspelrullar är AIRDRIVE DESIGN - Med ny teknik har man lyckats reducera vikten på rotor, spole samt bygelkonstruktionen vilket resulterar i en rulle som är ännu mer lättvevad än tidigare.

To begin the creation of AIRDRIVE DESIGN, first DAIWA separated the spinning reel to two key components. The first was the ‘rear unit’ which consists of the body & key internal components like the drive gear. By introducing MQ technology along with the tough digigear which is now becoming standard of DAIWA’s spinning reel, it has given the rear unit high strength and durability.

Following the development of the rear unit, DAIWA set out to redevelop the key components that make up what is called the ‘front unit’. By redeveloping the rotor, spool & bail assembly DAIWA has managed to reduce the weight of front unit in 2022. Years in the making, AIRDRIVE DESIGN is the result of this new thinking. DAIWA has developed an innovative masterpiece allowing anglers to be in total control. Reduced weight, smooth rotation and high response allows the reel to spin freely. All of those combined elements come together to create AIRDRIVE DESIGN.

AIRDRIVE DESIGN can be broken into 4 key technologies.

The new AIRDRIVE ROTOR and the newly developed AIRDRIVE BAIL both combine to reduce weight at the top end of the reel. Reduced weight creates effortless and smooth rotation, with fast start up and low inertia. Unnecessary weight and thickness has been shaved off to innovate the new AIRDRIVE SPOOL, which perfectly matches the AIRDRIVE ROTOR & AIRDRIVE BAIL to complete the redesigned front unit.

Unlike the traditional internal reel structure, DAIWA has developed a low contact structure between the mainshaft and pinion gear called AIRDRIVE SHAFT. By adopting this method, friction is reduced and smoothness has improved. By combining these new technologies together allows the reel to be extremely lightweight and allows the angler to experience the low-inertia flowing rotation with greater control of the line and rod action.

  • MQ Body (Mg)
  • Tough Digigear
  • MAGSEALED. Body, Line roller, Drive Gear
  • ATD Type-L
  • 12BB (2MS, 10CRBB)
  • Made in Japan


  • Utväxling: 6,2:1 (87cm/varv)
  • Linkapacitet: 200m - 0,10mm
  • Vikt: 165 gram
  • Maxbroms: 5kg
  • Kullager: 12st (2MS + 10 CRBB)

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