Räkneverk Linecounter (Med Belysning) - Meter

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Automatically calculate the number of meters of the lines, with a firm lock, easy to operate.

Double-layer clamping design makes it not easy to shake, easy to operate and convenient.

Full-featured, equipped with light, user-friendly design.
It is great to be used with the fishing rod, and it features high precision.

  • Product size: about 6.7cm*5cm*2.5cm/2.64*1.97*0.98in
  • Product weight: 60 gram 
  • Battery model: LR1130 button battery
  • Metering meter range: 0-99.9 meters
  • Applicable fishing rod diameter range: 7mm-3.2cm/0.21-1.26in


The operation is simple, the counting is accurate, the function is complete and humanized, it is lighter and the operation is flexible, and the locking is very firm. It can measure the throwing distance or the distance between the place where the fish is caught and yourself. It is convenient to measure the accurate position of the fish group.

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