Tubfluga "Frödin Sea Trout Spey Series" - Thunder Spey - 6cm

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Ever since we first wound a heron hackle we fell in love with the graceful Spey fly. The movement of the fibres and the translucent appearance gave the fly life. We are lucky enough to have caught salmon on Akroyds, Lady Carolines and Grey Herons.

Classic flies that have a special magic to them. The new Sea Trout Spey Series are simpler but even more effective. Ever since we first saw a white heron hackle we wanted that Thunder Spey. Now 20 years later it has given us so many memorable fish.

On part of this series we use the TTT to help open the material and create a nice drop shape. This series also have two zonkers. Cut with the right tapering and pimped with a lovely sweeping heron hackle they are truly irresistible. The last little fly is our shrimp. This little shrimp has proven effective both on the coast and for salmon and sea trout in our clear rivers.

Thunder Spey -

This is our number one spey fly version. We have fished it many years, both for salmon and sea trout. When the fish are tricky and demand a sparsely dressed fly nothing beats this. In the sun on the humus conditions it’s at its best. We fish it small, even very small, down to one mm XS tube, but we think it’s absolutely perfect on the new TTT.

  • Translucent spey profile
  • Tungsten turbo tube/M FITS tubing
  • Tungsten turbo cone
  • Spey heron hackle
  • Coastal favourites
  • Synthetic jungle cock

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