Tubfluga "Frödin TTT Nobody Series" - Sillen - 6cm

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This is the new Nobody family. With a bit of weight now tied on our new FITS Tungsten Turbo Tube TTT. The TTT is the easy, effective and durable solution. It will both give a bit of weight and open up the fly and give a great broad nicely swimming profile. The fly is fished loose on the leader in front of a short tube that fixes the hook. We suggest that you fish a medium FITS tubing as hook holder and body. Vary the length and the colour of the tubing and you get a flexible and easy way to fish a modern, translucent and extremely effective fly.

– Broad translucent profile
– Tungsten turbo tube and micro turbo cone
– Fished with loose hook
– Many possible colour combinations
– Weighted lively swimmer

A small Sillen on a floater is a deadly sunshine combo. The TTT version makes it possible to search that fast water without the fly skating. A bigger size will cut the white water and find the fish. On the “blue river” it’s the best and even gin clear colour likes Sillen. I fish it with silver, clear, glow or maybe it’s best with that fl. blue FITS steering tube.

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