Tubfluga "Frödin TTT Nobody Series" - The Witch - 6cm

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This is the new nobody family. With a bit of weight now tied on our new FITS Tungsten Turbo Tube TTT. The TTT is the easy, effective and durable solution. It will both give a bit of weight and open up the fly and give a great broad nicely swimming profile. The fly is fished loose on the leader in front of a short tube that fixes the hook.

We suggest that you fish a medium FITS tubing as hook holder and body. vary the length and the colour of the tubing and you get a flexible and easy way to fish a modern, translucent and extremely effective fly.

The Witch

This evil little fly originates from Black Green Helmet, but is a bit more of a sunshine fly for the clearer river. I fish it as a general standard fly on the greenish river. The Witch has been good to me, given me good fishing and big fish. The TTT makes it possible to stay on the floater for the fast water and to get on the intermediate faster. I vary the fly from fl. chartreuse to black FITS steering tube or why not try one in fl. yellow.

  • Broad translucent profile
  • Tungsten turbo tube and micro turbo cone
  • Fished with loose hook
  • Many possible colour combinations
  • Weighted lively swimmer
  • Synthetic jungle cock

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