Tubfluga "Hitch Series" - Zebra - 3cm

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We all love that broad backed salmon chasing our little fly’s track on the surface. to hitch, on the surface can be deadly effective. sometimes it’s the only method that really works. We are fortunate to have among our friends some of the best hitch anglers in the world. their important advice is to tie the flies so they make as small wake as possible. We use a quite thin tubing and make sure to put the wing on top and a hole each side. this gives a narrow profile and a small wake. Hitch flies can be really small, so small you don’t think salmon see it, but they come for the wake, that’s what triggers them.

– Slim profile
– Holes on sides for the leader
– No cones for easy skating
– Creates a small wake
– As simple as effective

 En av mina hitchfavoriter. Den extra kontrasten verkar fungera lika lockande i ytfilmen som djupare ner. Detta är en hitch för den där molniga perfekta fiskedagen.

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