Väinö "Tasuri" Light Balanspirk - 95mm

119 kr 109 kr
63801 Väinö
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Väinö Lightened Balance Lure consists of two different components, a plastic shell and a zinc weight inside it. Because of the construction, despite the large size, the lure is still very light and swimming action very attractive, alluring fish to strike.

You can lift the lure up slowly, then let it drop quickly to create a quickly diving motion, while lifting the lure up quickly and then letting it drop freely gives it a nice swinging action and flashes sides nicely to allure predators to strike.

  • Längd: 95 mm
  • Vikt: 11 gram
  • VMC-krok
  • Målad i fem lager
  • Lackad i tre lager

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