Westin Twister Inline - 7,5g - 5,1cm

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72587 Westin
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Twister is the perfect combination of broad surface, rotation and weight. Added ultra sharp UV contrast colours so you have a super lure that really catches fish / Together it gives a superb flash that all kinds of trout like! Twister is a great inline lure for ALL kinds of trout!

Twister is added sharp UV contrast colours that flash violently underwater when it makes its ultra fast rotations, something that really attracts all predatory fish! Twister has an almost mesmerizing and enticing movement in the water even with slow spinning! Twister’s ultra fast rotations move a lot of water, and these vibrations attract all predatory fish! A superb and versatile inline lure that fishes well all year round.

  • Längd: 5,1 cm
  • Vikt: 7,5 g
  • Can be fished behind a bombarda float
  • Ideal for slow retrieve
  • Handpainted detailed colors

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